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Xhaos Theory Miniature Game

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Welcome to Xhaos Theory

You are a Gawd….
You are a Gawd

Your Minions serve you without question. You are their Gawd. Their souls feed you in your quest toward the power to realize XHAOS THEORY. As you carefully wager their souls in bloody battles against other Gawds you risk losing those precious souls. A Gawd without worship ceases to exist.

Command and guide your minions carefully or all hope is lost.

Xhaos Theory is for those that have always asked “What if?” Young and old, experienced or not. Play with a massive miniature collection, or just a handful of models or toys.

Xhaos Theory Miniature Game
Xhaos Theory allows you to create virtually any miniature unit you want, from any time frame, and fantasy or Sci-Fi book you have ever read and take that force up against another player that has created their own force. That force could be a one miniature force of a giant city eating lizard, or a squad of super heroes, or perhaps a legion of undead! Scenarios, settings, number of models? That's all up to you!

Xhaos Theory is a scalable miniature wargame allowing players total control over size and setting. You can play a full out large scale battle, or a small skirmish with Xhaos Theory. Many battles have been fought with 7 miniatures on one side, and 20+ on the other.

Xhaos Theory

Xhaos Theory was designed for the master miniature gamers as well as the new guys that have never played a miniature game before. The rules are kept at a basic level, but in doing so has opened up a whole new world of miniature gaming. Xhaos Theory takes away all of the mind-numbing charts and rule book referencing. There are no complicated rules to look up mid-game. Coherency? multiple steps to determine if there was a hit? Psychology of warfare? You won’t find those rules here. The biggest inspiration behind Xhaos Theory was chess. One of the most popular and well known games in the world. chess is easy to learn but takes a lifetime to master. That is the goal for Xhaos Theory system.

Xhaos Theory is for EVERYONE!

Xhaos Theory Card Pack
Xhaos Theory card packs will be made available to everyone so you can make your minion creations more permanent. When it comes to game time you will be able to quickly assemble your units for battle. The card packs will also include the Mission cards so each player can blind draw them at the beginning of the game. The card packs are built to last and will be great for those that are wanting to make stats for their existing miniature collection for use in Xhaos Theory.

Xhaos Theory the Mniature Game FAQ's - Click Here!

Buy Xhaos Theory Miniature game!

Xhaos Theory the miniature game is HERE! One of the easiest games you will learn, but a lifetime to master. Xhaos Theory allows you to use any miniature or toy from any game system. The armies and setting are up to you.

The Xhaos Theory book is here and we are offering it at $12.99 out the gate to give early birds the deal to check the game out at low risk. Fully customizable settings, forces, and easy to learn, but a lifetime to master. Xhaos Theory allows you to use any miniature or toy from any game system. The armies and setting are up to you. Pick up your copy at the link below.
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