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War Elephant Racing

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What do you get when you mix Chaos, Cribbage, and Carnage?

War Elephant Racing (W.E.R.) is a fast paced game of chance and skill. War elephants will be bumping and crashing into each other on a tight course sending the others into a spin that will cost them crucial game points. Players must carefully balance a number of objectives, be quick with reactions, and recognize all of the scoring combinations to be able to beat their opponent. It is a game where experience counts for a great deal although a little bit of luck always helps. New and young players will be able to jump in fairly quickly and give the vets a run for their money.

War Elephant Racing uses Xhaos cards to spice up the race and increase the competitive action. Xhaos cards are special cards that call upon a special ability of an elephant of renown to give the players huge advantages to use against their competition. Special timing will provide the players with an edge over the other war elephant racers.

War Elephant Racing is played closely to Cribbage, each player is dealt war elephant racing cards and then must take turns laying one card at a time from their hand to attempt to get pairs, runs, and target numbers to score points. Each point allows the player to move their elephant an equal amount of points. Once each player has played all of the cards from their hand they then take turns adding up the different combinations of "points" in their hand to move their elephants. Players move around the tight track for six laps.

While players are moving their elephants if they land in a space that has another elephant they "bump" them. When a bump occurs the bump dice are rolled allowing the elephant to pass through, or send the bumped elephant in a spin, or send themselves in a spin costing valuable points.

War Elephant Racing also has "Xhaos" cards which allow them to make ranged attacks, powerful bumps, throw spectators in the path, and more. The xhaos cards are a great fun edge that each player will have to help them win the race. Almost all of the xhaos cards are named after famous elephants in history, and their effect in the game is related to their fame.

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