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“Xhaos Theory Games”(further known herein as “The Website”), do not make a claim of ownership to any images, registered trademarks, or other intellectual property of “GAMES WORKSHOP*, WIZKIDS, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, I-KORE, RAL PARTHA, AVALON HILL, REAPER MINIATURES, ET AL” (further known herein as “Game Companies”), their owners, shareholders, or constituencies. Usage of any of the Game Companies’ intellectual property on The Website shall not be construed as a challenge to any of the copyrights or registered trademarks owned by any of the Game Companies.

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The Website uses a freely available Content Management System (also known as “CMS”), named “Google Sites,” to facilitate all of its functionality. As this is freely available under the GNU free public license, any portion of this design may be freely copied, inter alia, so long as it is not distributed commercially.

All other imagery, content, and other intellectual property on The Website is copyrighted 2011-2014, Xhaos Theory Games. Any use of this material without the expressed, written permission of The Website in any way is illegal, and shall be interpreted as a challenge to The Website’s rights of ownership of said material; therewith, in the event of such a violation, all legal avenues of ramification and restitution shall be pursued with the utmost diligence.


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Aspect Warrior, Attila, Avatar, Blood Angels, Bloodletter, Bloodthirster, Cadian, Catachan, Chapter ApprovedSM, Codex, Daemonette, Dark Angels, Dark Reaper, Death Zone, Dragonmasters, Dungeonquest, 'Eavy Metal, Exo Armour, Exarch, Eye of Terror, Farseer, Fire Dragon, Flesh Hound, Gargant, Gobbo, Great Unclean One, Gretchin, Grey Knight, Hunter Slayer, Keeper of Secrets, Khorne, Knights Panther, Leman Russ, Lichemaster, Lightning Claw, Lord of Change, Madboy, Man O' War, Mekboy, Mighty Empires, Mordian, Necromunda, Nurgle, Nurgling, Ogryn, Old World, Ork, Painboy, Plaguebearer, Plague Fleet, Psyker, Ratling, Ravenwing, Sea of Blood, Skaven, Slaanesh, Slann, Snotling, Space Hulk, Space Wolves, Squat, Squig, Swooping Hawk, Striking Scorpion, Tallarn, Terminator, Thunder Hammer, Troll Slayer, Tzeentch, Ultramarines, Valhalla, Warhammer Quest, Weirdboy, White Dwarf and the White Dwarf figure, Knights of the White Wolf, Worldeater, et al. The “Citadel Paint Pot” is UK (United Kingdom) Registered Design No. 2033236. Scatter dice are UK (United Kingdom) Registered Design No. 2017484.

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