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Xhaos Theory Miniature Game Faq's

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Questions :
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Question: I am very curious about what one can do with the rules, especially because it would be cool if the daughter was playing a wizard summoning things to fight for her and say the son was doing something he wanted so they were each playing the 'story' they wanted to.

Answer: That would be easy to make a miniature summoning wizard. there are multiple routes she could take to make that happen.

Question: It does sound like a fun family game, are there a fair number of special abilities that would cover most of how we would like our miniatures to perform?

Answer: A large portion of the Xhaos Theory book is special abilities. Each minion can have up to three special abilities. The special abilities used creatively cam be anything you want them to be. You rename them to fit your minion. For example a blast template type of attack. That could be the Bulk throwing a rock, or an iron suit wearing guy shooting a missile, or whatever else you can come up with to reason why the attack is covering a blast radius.

Question: Will I be able to create a fire breathing dragon or a Mage that can shoot electricty?

Answer: Yes, you would just name essentially what is the same ability differently. The abilities you choose are "stock results" you pick the names of those abilities. A super hero that is a living flame could shoot a flame template, a toxic sludge trooper could shoot his acid blast, a mighty dragon could unleash it's fire breath. It's all the same result. You pick the size of the template and it's intensity to fit your minion.

Question: Is there an option for someone like a GM to drop in hazards or other creatures at random?

Answer: In Xhaos Theory no, in Xhaos Theory Dungeons, the next book in this series.. yes. And even more so with Orb Arena. We are also tweaking the rule set to support solo play in Dungeons.

Question: What kind of campaign advancements are there for the players in Xhaos Theory?

Answer: The first book, "Xhaos Theory" focuses on advancements for the player/ force that a player is controlling. The second book (and third) will focus more on individual minion advancement.

Question: Can some units blend in to make one big unit or do they stay apart?

Answer: The units can be up to 9 minions. You can take all the same minions if you want. but you can only move 9 at a time. In fact if you take say 18 of the same exact minion and and 8 die. You will have 10 left, you can only move 9. It does not matter which unit it belonged to. We only use one card for "like" minions. Each unit card represents up to 9 minions or whatever point value you assigned to the card.

Why only up to 9 minions?
We stopped at 9 on the decision that 1 unique leader, and 9 minions in a typical wargame unit. Xhaos Theory is a a turn based game and it is not so fun in a turn based game if your opponent has a unit of 30 minions and is able to move their entire army in one turn. That would defeat the purpose of a turn based game.