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War Elephant Racing Faq's


Out of the Gate
Not really a strategy, but something to mention. Don’t be discouraged when the game starts and War Elephants are bumping each other back to “start”. It is a tight track and getting out ahead of the pack at the beginning is rough. Just keep in mind that it is 6 laps, and the elephant that is usually first out the gate is the Elephant that is getting bumped back on the next turn. No one is safe, especially once the Xhaos cards start coming into play.

Learn to count your hand
This is so important. You need to be familiar with the different combinations of scoring to maximize the potential points in your hand. The best tactic is to play conservatively, and “take what you get” points wise in your hand. Don’t put faith in the “Start Card” being that lucky number to give you the killer hand. It is rare, that the start card will be what you were looking for. Instead, count the cards you were dealt and take the maximum points you can out of it. Keep an eye out for flushes (4 points) which are often missed, especially if the only thing holding you back from it is a pair (2 points). Don’t play the lotto with your hand.

Throw a 3 in your Trunk
If you are the Ringmaster it is your Trunk! Why not pad it? Put 3’s in there as there is a higher chance of 10’s and face cards being thrown in, to give you some thirteens. In a two player game it is a good tactic to put pairs in your Trunk if they are not part of any other combinations in your hand. This way if the other player throws the same number, or puts in a card that makes a run, or a combination of thirteen, you score big points!

Watch out for Runs
Be mindful of potential runs in your hand during the flop phase. For example if you have a 6 and an 8 in your hand. Lay the 6 to entice your opponent into laying a 7 for thirteen (for two points), and then you can lay your 8 for three points! On the same token be careful to watch any runs YOUR opponent may be trying to lead you into.

Also remember Runs during the Flop phase do not have to be in order, If one player plays a 5, next player plays a 7, and the next player plays a 6, that is a run of three. (5,6,7).

Discard to the trunk
When discarding, players should try to throw cards that are unlikely to make valuable combinations. However be mindful of keeping a good hand for yourself! The Ringmaster may sometimes find it pays to place good cards in the trunk, especially when they add nothing to his existing hand.

Flip the Start Card:
When the Start Card is being flipped a seasoned player will be able to detect sometimes what kind of hand the other players have by their reaction to the flipped card. Keep an eye on this to know when you should introduce a little “Xhaos” in their life.

Just a note on placing spectators. If your opponents do not have any Xhaos cards your best tactic is to put the Spectator in the space behind you so that you have a complete run around the track. However if they have Xhaos cards you may want to only place the Spectator a few spaces in front of where the opponent in the lead is at. The nice thing about the Spectator is that it is an automatic bump. The problem is when it gets in YOUR way.

Using Xhaos Cards
Don’t hold back your Xhaos cards, use them or you may just lose them. A lot of the Xhaos cards can only be played during special times or situations. If you keep passing on your opportunity to use them, then they will just prove useless. Granted it is fun to hold back and really put it to your opponent, but sometimes you just wait too long and the opportunity is gone.