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Xhaos Theory Games started as a father and son team that was wanting to share their worlds of fun with you. One likes to write, and the other likes to draw. They both thought one day a few years ago how fun it would be to start sharing the fun of all of the games that the two had created and playing for years with their friends. The idea of making games themselves evolved more into a "theory" about other like minded folks that may want to do the same. Xhaos theory was born with that idea in mind to create a label that is really just a group of gamers helping each other realize their game concepts into something tangible. Lending their talents to one another to help make something fun for the world to share. Xhaos Theory is a hobby for us not so much a business.  Xhaos Theory is not so much a game publisher, as the beginning of what might one day be a mob. We will see what happens.

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Chris Hatfield

Chris Hatfield - Lordbunny
Chris has been called many names through the years. Lordbunny, Stretch, Troll, and more humorously "Godzilla" for his awesome dexterity, and handling skills. Still others would say he is extremely oafish and clumsy.  Chris has been gaming since birth. His mother would feed him dice, probably an attempt to stunt his growth.. lack of air will do that. He started a game site years ago called "TheWarp" to share his passion for gaming. TheWarp was one of the largest gaming sites in its time attracting all the like minded crazy gamers, before he had to walk away to pursue other endeavors. He was the Head Cheerleader for Vor: The Maelstrom as well as a playtester for Vor and more recently Shadowrun. He also was one of the group authors of Dark Age Games. Chris is looking forward to sharing some of his game ideas and his own brand of humor with all of you. May the Gawd's take mercy upon your soul.

Joab Hatfield

Joab Hatfield
Joab is one of those guys that consistently has to be creating something. Whether it be humor, sculpting, stop-motion, writing, and sketching. Since he could hold a crayon, he is being creating his own worlds and characters, Those worlds and characters sometimes even found life on walls and furniture throughout his house. Probably one of the only children on his block that would be told to go outside and create something. Joab is in his teens and has already been awarded scholarships, and won awards for his creations. Joab has been gaming with his father since before he could talk. Unfortunately, to his mothers dismay his first words were "target number" instead of "momma".  Joab is ready to bring his enthusiasm, creativity and lover for gaming to the front line to share with all of you.

Paul Meaney

Paul Meaney

Paul is a modern renaissance man. Whatever that means? He draws, paints, plays alt-metal (One Slack Mind) and hardcore punk (Mr. Pickle & the LTD) and Alternative (Fat Free) music (poorly) and makes his own games.. all at once, some days. He has play tested (and helped promote) Shockforce, Red Dwarf RPG and Dark Age.. For a while he dedicated website for the Monty Python & the Holy Grail CCG although in hindsight, no one can fathom why. In his spare time, he helps Chris & Joab with graphics for Xhaos Theory. His next gaming project is an insane beer & pretzels game called Njal's Holiday. You can catch him and most of his projects at www.baconlogic.com.

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Special Thanks!

To these Creative folks for lending their talents to us, We are so appreciative of them all for helping us see our visions for the games come to reality.  Make sure you visit each and everyone of them, and give them all a big high five for their help. Also, if you have some spending money, some of them have prints, t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, miniatures, terrain pieces, and other products that you can pick up to help support them in their endeavors.

Artwork and Design

Bam Sickos

Bam is the man behind the awesome Xhaos skull. He has some really impressive work to show off on his website, are a fan. He is super talented and you can check out more of his work here.

Dean Oyebo

Dean helped us out with an amazing piece for the campaign section of the Xhaos Theory rulebook. Very talented guy and we are thankful for his talents. You can view his work here.

Kelvin Hughes

Words can not express how Thankful we are for Kelvin. He has helped us out with multiple art pieces to help us put vision to our words. Kelvin is not only an awesome artist, he is just a awesome in general. I would not doubt that it is his middle name. Please check out his work here.

Miniatures  (Minions)

Reaper Miniatures has shown support to us on many levels and for quite a few hurdles in our process's. We are super thankful for their OUTSTANDING support for the miniature gaming hobby.  You can tell that these guys LOVE what they do and that it isn't all about the all mighty dollar. Truly a great company that we are all 100% behind. You can check them out here!

Terrain Design


Armorcast has some top quality terrain pieces for all of your miniature war game needs. These pieces paint up great and add life to any table. Check them out here.

Play Testers & Supporters  
Here are all the people that helped make our games that much better either through play testing or helping in other ways, Thank you!

Ragnar Hill
Brian (Lexi ngton) Solomon
Chad Hatfield
David Wilson
Earl (Ninja) Clay
Jason (Jay) O’day
Jeff Racel
John Lee
Josh (Odie) O’day
Kevin (Venomous Ducky) Denny
Kristen (Peach) Hatfield
Kyle (Zombie Killa) Kottke
Michael (M-Rex) Zabkar
Rosco Piercy
Ryan (Bats) Frank
Scott (Brother Drake) McKeighen
Sean (Armor Bimbo) White
Sonny Erdman

Fundraiser Supporters

Here are the people that wanted to pick up our games during the fund raiser campaigns. We appreciate every last one of them, and it is great to know that they are playing our games right along side us.!

No fund raisers yet.